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"What my eyes see my hands will create" (Waldi van Kogelenberg)


Take a look at Waldi's World. Creativity, quality and passion are thefoundation of his work. On this website you can see some of the work of Waldi.


Would you like to beautify a wall in your home or business with a real Waldi'? Artworks, murals, graffiti and other decorations can be realized as your wish. This can be done in various techniques, styles and materials. Take a look under Art.

For businesses, big and small we design flyers, logos, corporate identity,
lettering, websites. For an impression take a look under Design.

Are you
looking for a photographer? Wedding photography? A unique family portrait?
Do you need photographic material for a business presentation and more? His
passion for photography has no limits! Take a look under Photography.

We also provide workshops for companies and individuals.

*You can request a free quotation for the design of logos, corporate identity, print, photo
sessions and websites.




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